Alberta’s Immigration Program Would Allow Immigrants to Stay in Alberta

UC pushed to break legal ground by hiring immigrant students without work permits to get them on the job. In 2016, UCP tried to put a similar idea across that year, as well:

The UCP hopes voters will approve an amendment that would require the Alberta government to allow people who have received an education in Alberta through the immigration program to stay on in Alberta if they work in a job for three years. Under the new proposal, any person whose qualifications are approved under the immigration program would be able to stay in the province for up to three years and work in a job for a period of two years. The UCP has not yet formally proposed the amendment but is expected to do so in the near future.

The first part of the amendment simply requires the government to “recognize” immigration-related studies that are done in and led in Alberta. The second part would require the government to allow immigration-related studies if it deems them “reasonable and necessary” by a board that is chosen by the Alberta Legislature.

This proposal, as with the other proposal before, would allow immigration students to work in Alberta to pay their way through a university while they complete the program. They would then have three years to study to ensure they had the necessary skills and a job that met their qualifications would allow them to come back to Canada should they decide to stay in Alberta instead of returning to their homeland, as often happens after an immigration-related program finishes.

The NDP-Green Party government, of course, objects to immigration-related studies, and does not see the “reasonable and necessary” requirement in this amendment as an impediment to the program.

“We don’t want to create a situation where we can stop the immigration process because of somebody’s studies,” said MLA Sarah Hoffman, the environment and heritage portfolio committee chair and the NDP’s immigration critic. “We want to make sure we are taking the best possible steps that exist under the rules in the act to allow immigrants to continue on in the province.”

In short, the proposal, while a way to get foreign students to work in Alberta, opens the door for employers in Alberta to do the exact same thing, provided they meet the same

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