Artist’s first major exhibition at the Smithsonian

Artist Helps NASA Scientists Bring Their Work to Galleries


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The first person to see the Apollo drawings and plans at the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum got a lot of attention in the press. He was a professional artist with a long and distinguished career in the business, and he and his family moved to Washington last month. In the months leading up to the move, he helped NASA scientists make their work on the Apollo moon landings more accessible to the general public. Some of his drawings were eventually displayed in the Smithsonian’s national gallery, while others are now on display in a new exhibit at the Air and Space Museum.

“These are not my drawings, but I’ve studied them over a long span of time and they’re great illustrations of the Apollo drawings that I created,” says the artist, who won a national award for his NASA work. “The Smithsonian’s public outreach program really inspired me to do something like this. These are great drawings and I’m glad to provide them to the nation.”

The Smithsonian-AAM exhibit has been running in New York’s Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian and National Air and Space Museum since March. There’s an exhibition of original paintings done by the artist and several videos about his work.

“This is my first exhibit after moving with my family to the Capital Region of the United States,” says the artist. “I’ve been working hard and really enjoyed getting to work with scientists at Air Force Space Command. They’ve always asked me to come in for meetings to develop these drawings. They’re great people and I’m grateful for the opportunities they’ve given me.”

The drawings on display at the Air and Space Museum represent the artist’s first major exhibition, he says.

“I wanted to work with something different than my usual work; I wanted to show the original drawings at Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. Then we decided to have them in New York City, where you have such an outstanding collection of paintings and drawings from all periods.”

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