Atefeh Kajari’s mother says she has not seen her daughter in almost two months

Mother of teen protester found dead in Tehran denies daughter fell from building


The mother of an Iranian teenager detained by police and whose death last weekend became a rallying cry for social change says she has not seen her daughter in almost two months.

At a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Atefeh Kajari disputed a report that she had been pushed from a window ledge by plainclothes police, and said instead that she fell from a building in the capital.

The 17-year-old was detained after taking part in the pro-democracy demonstrations that began last year.

Ms Kajari is a member of the human rights group Women of the World.

Her mother told the BBC she had seen her daughter the night before.

“She was telling people her father had been arrested but I didn’t see her because I was at work then,” she said.

“So my daughter was really distraught, and then at two o’clock she went to the office of the [human rights] group to tell them she couldn’t do anything because of her father.”

On Saturday, Ms Kajari’s mother said their daughter had apparently tried to scale a building in central Tehran but fell over the railing and fell to her death.

She said her daughter had also spoken to members of the Iranian opposition group in the last week, including to Mr Mousavi and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

She also said she had found out later about her daughter’s death from friends.

Police responded on Monday to calls from protesters of Ms Kajari’s death via social networking app, Facebook and Twitter – with one police officer asking for help, a local television station said.

It was not clear who was responsible for Ms Kajari’s death – but Iranian authorities said she was killed by security agents.

Ms Kajari’s family said they would investigate her case.

‘It wasn’t suicide’

The daughter of Iranian reformist leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, Atefeh Kajari, was taken into custody after police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to prevent a pro-democracy march in Tehran,

The teenager was taken from the streets during one of the largest protests against Iran’s ruling clerics since the 1979 revolution.

Some of the

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