Björk’s New Album Y/N is a Return to Form

Björk, Still Using Style to Captivate, May Have to Retire

Björk is one of those artists whose success has not come entirely from good fortune. From her early days in Iceland, where she became an award-winning singer in the country’s most popular band, to her rise to fame with her first album, and her subsequent, Grammy-winning breakthrough in 2012, Björk has relied on her considerable skills as a singer, songwriter and performer.

Björk’s career has come under attack from many, though, including the rock and metal community whose critics questioned her decision to abandon her earlier work in the avant-garde scene to focus on a mainstream appeal on her second album, Vulnicura. Her new album, Y/N, was received with less than favorable reviews and some fans have even accused her of turning into a corporate sellout.

But despite the criticism, Björk has decided to stick with her artistry, and even uses it to bring in more revenue. By releasing only new music from her discography, she is able to keep the sales of her albums, including her most recent release, at a reasonable rate, even while she continues to experiment with new sounds and genres in an effort to remain relevant.

If her latest album, Y/N, is a return to form, so is her other work. Since her career began, she has been a fixture of underground culture, producing some of the most innovative music not only in her own genre but in other areas as well. Before this year, her only two full-length albums, Vulnicura and Vulnicura II, were well-received, but this year she has begun experimenting with newer and more experimental techniques through her songwriting and performance.

Björk used the album cover of Y/N, which was released on May 4, to illustrate her point that music is more than just what you hear. The album cover shows her in a futuristic suit of armor, with a sword and shield. She appears to be being attacked by a swarm of insects

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