California Mayor Jerry Sanders Declares Parking Loss

Beachgoers shocked to find this parking lot has now become a $100-a-ticket ‘cash grab’ for the city

Parking lot now charging $100 for day parking

Beachgoers shocked to find this parking lot has now become a $100-a-ticket ‘cash grab’ for the city

Rancho Santa Fe beach in California has been closed after a city-authorized ‘cash grab’ for $100 a day parking fee has turned a popular tourist spot into a parking lot.

It was supposed to remain open on weekends and even public holidays, but now parking is restricted to two hours in the afternoon and evening.

‘We will be making a decision at a later date,’ wrote California Mayor Jerry Sanders, who declared the closure at a press conference. ‘Until then, parking is prohibited at all hours, from 2pm to 10pm (or until the last day of the current day of the month).’

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‘We are sorry’: California Mayor Jerry Sanders has called a press conference to announce that a beach parking lot has now turned into a parking lot

He added: ‘We can no longer accommodate the public. We are sorry for inconveniencing them.’

On the other hand, Mayor Sanders says the money has been used to purchase expensive equipment to keep the beach open.

‘My first thought was, ‘Did I just hire the mayor to run a parking lot?’‘ he said. ‘But it would be stupid to say no to this parking lot. It’s too valuable to the city, its staff and its visitors.’

He did not indicate how the parking lot was being utilized.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Transportation told the San Francisco Chronicle that they had no comment.

The closure will cost the city at least $80,000 a week and the state more than $180,000 at its current

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