China’s new leader is ready to use his power to his advantage

China’s Leader Xi Hails His Rule as He Prepares to Expand Power

The new era of power is underway for Chinese President Xi Jinping. In the past year, he has consolidated his power at all levels and is now ready to use it to his advantage as he moves closer to a sweeping leadership change on Aug. 18. How China’s new leader plans to make use of his power is unknown to most in the country, but the public opinion polls taken after his inauguration show that the majority of Chinese disapprove of his administration.

Since taking office, Xi has sought to implement policies that strengthen his control over the political system. This is especially apparent on the military side. In December, Xi launched a multi-stage land-air-sea military exercise in which Chinese troops simulated landing on disputed islands in the South China Sea and used high-tech aircraft to do the same. Meanwhile, the Chinese navy is steadily expanding its presence in the disputed waters. China also increased its troop-in-place presence on the border with Vietnam and conducted joint military exercises with Japan during the same period.

Some scholars have noted that the military exercises are aimed at consolidating control over the disputed area and increasing the Chinese presence on the territory. Others say the exercises are a reflection of the Chinese military’s confidence in Xi’s leadership. Regardless, the exercises demonstrate a confidence in Xi’s powers and ability to act on behalf of the Communist Party.

In addition to these exercises, Xi has also moved towards more economic policies. He has used the military and economic development to consolidate more power at the local and national levels. Some have argued that this has also been a means to demonstrate a political agenda designed to assert Chinese control over territorial issues in the disputed South China Sea region. The United States has warned that China’s military expansion has put the U.S. at a significant strategic disadvantage.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is on the cusp of an historic transformation of China’s leadership. He is preparing to move closer towards becoming a “leader in waiting” and a President-for-Life by serving only 10 years in power—no longer as a President but as a “party boss.” In that role, he plans to push through an agenda of market reforms, state intervention in the economy, and a more centralized and

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