Colts’ former quarterback is back on the field after suspension

Browns’ Deshaun Watson has ‘followed all the terms’ of his suspension ahead Week 13 return, Roger Goodell says obtained an exclusive look at some of the conversations between then-general manager John Dorsey and Watson during the former’s first four weeks off the field because of his suspension by the NFL.

Watson, whom the Colts signed after the San Francisco 49ers cut him in August, was reinstated Saturday, the day his suspension ended. He will start at quarterback for the Colts the week of Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“He was obviously very contrite,” Dorsey said of Watson, who told the Colts’ coaching staff and ownership team that he appreciated they had kept him around despite missing all of training camp. “I really felt it helped him in the long run…. I had to remind him [of the reason he was suspended].

“I think it was tough on him, that he was suspended for four games. And now he’s coming back for two weeks,” Dorsey said. “It gives him an opportunity to play and get healthy. We all wanted him to get healthy, and that’s what we’re hoping for him. That he gets himself in a good position, that he gets his timing and his accuracy down, and I don’t think I’m going to have to remind him of why he was suspended.”

Watson was not happy with the decision to suspend him because he felt he was being punished unfairly.

“I think everything happened so far has been in the right direction. We got a second chance, and I feel like it’s helped me,” Watson said. “We’ll just see how it goes.”

Dorsey declined to talk about the conversations with Watson, saying the Colts still have to evaluate the way they’ve handled the situation.

“It’s interesting, because he has to live with it forever, he should be a better person, I think,” Dorsey said. “I really hope he enjoys his football career and everything we’ve done to get him to the quarterback position.

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