Ebola symptoms: What you need to know

Ebola outbreak in Uganda puts California doctors on alert

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A patient in Uganda was treated at a California hospital, then flown back to Kampala. The first patient arrived here after he was diagnosed with Ebola, a virus that is spreading in West Africa. As a result, U.S. health care workers are on heightened alert.

“We have to be prepared for everything that is associated with Ebola coming to the U.S.,” said Michael Halperin, a Stanford University molecular biologist who has treated several Ebola victims in Africa.

“We are very worried about it.”

Health officials in Uganda and other countries have been concerned that the virus may have crossed the border into neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, which is not Ebola-free.

Experts say the virus is in the process of spreading from Ebola victims to people in the general population.

The virus is still killing people in Africa, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stopped tracking its spread here, officials said. That isn’t surprising — the initial outbreak in a remote village in Guinea has been declared over.

As Ebola cases continue to spread in West Africa, CDC and public health officials have issued some guidelines for limiting the risk.

Ebola symptoms: What you need to know

People who are ill with Ebola should see their doctor, be monitored until they are well — and then isolate themselves for a minimum of 21 days. They should not visit restaurants, grocery stores, family members or friends — unless they have been quarantined for 21 days.

“Doing anything for 21 days without a doctor’s orders… that’s a risk,” said Dr. Barbara Rosen, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California.

People infected with Ebola may have fever, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness. Some patients

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