How easy is it to track your iPhone at airports?

Lufthansa Says Passengers Can’t Use Apple AirTags to Track Checked Bags

When it comes to airport security and boarding process – even for those who know better than to bring their iPhones into the airport – every day is a new day. As the case for the latest incident in which a passenger discovered how easy it is to track her Apple AirTags has proven, a passenger at Paris Orly airport says she used Apple AirTags to track a bag so she could know its final destination.

In the incident, a passenger told French magazine i-D that she has been using AirTags to track her checked bags since December. This passenger, who does not work for a media organization, is married, has an iPhone 5S, and lives in the French capital. The passenger says during her flight to Milan on February 20, at about 10:50AM, her AirTags on her iPhone started working and she started tracking a bag from which she had checked it three times at the airport.

After she arrived at the gate in Milan, and the bag was placed on the conveyor belt, she saw a message from a travel agent who was in touch with the passenger’s travel agency, telling the agency to “pass for Milan,” which was not the actual destination, but a fictitious destination – the reason the passenger was using AirTags at the airport. The agent said he would be going to get his contact information from the airline, which would help the woman track the bag to Milan and then get a confirmation of her ticket in the morning – and a ticket without a stopover to the false destination, since it was not the actual address of the true destination.

The woman used AirTags to track a bag, and saw that there were many “confirmations” of her checked bag at the terminal, and so the bag was sent to Milan. But when she got to the airport she was told that the bag was not actually checked there, but at Paris Orly, and that the flight had been canceled, because they could not rebook the customer to Milan, since Milan is a fictional destination. After she got back to Paris, the woman said she received a call from a travel agency customer support line,

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