Jair Bolsonaro says he has to go first to defend his win

Brazil’s presidential vote will go to second round, where the top two candidates would face each other again in the runoff on 27 October, according to the latest Electoral Code.

In a meeting with the nation’s electoral board, the candidate for the presidency Jair Bolsonaro said he would have to return to the country twice to defend his win, in a move likely to anger the electoral board and have repercussions for the country’s history and constitution.

“I have to go first. First time for Brazil. Second time? No,” Bolsonaro said before the meeting.

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The presidential runoff vote is expected to take just four days, as the Electoral Code only allows for the second round to be held the following weekend, on the 27th.

While he is expected to be declared the winner of that vote, the race will then be decided once again by a vote for a candidate who will serve for two more non-consecutive terms.

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