JD Vance is a Republican surrogate who mocks the GOP

MSNBC mocks JD Vance: ‘White Republican men’ have ‘no idea’ ‘how to make a baby’

By the way, the Republican National Committee is trying to get JD Vance on MSNBC. CNN picked up on the story and they’re trying to force his hand. This is the latest attack on Vance, who is also a regular at Fox. Here’s an excerpt from a piece on Politico:

As MSNBC’s Chris Jansing notes, Vance is part of a growing list of high-profile Republican surrogates who’ve been slammed by MSNBC.

Vance appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning and mocked the GOP in a segment, complete with a cartoon of Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz with an empty bucket for money.

“I’ve known this Republican family for many years and I’ve always said when you look at this party right now, we’re a bunch of white Republican men who don’t know how to make a baby,” he said.

Vance defended his comment as a joke, but MSNBC wasn’t having it.

After the segment, Vance was called out for the joke, and by the way, it’s true that Republicans have no idea how to make a baby, but they do know how to make a political career.

The RNC did not immediately respond for comment, but the committee says in their statement that they stand by their decision to interview Vance on their show.

“Chris Jansing’s description of the exchange in question is not correct. The exchange was not intended to be funny, but rather a pointed criticism on behalf of Republicans,” the RNC said. “As we’ve always said, we’re not taking away from Republicans, but we are focusing on the message. We believe it’s time for Republicans to speak more honestly about the challenges and opportunities facing America.”

I’m glad that MSNBC isn’t laughing at Republicans. I hope you are.

I wish NBC, CNN, and Fox were doing what they’re not doing.

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