Mark Ridley-Thomas’ State Public Access Show Closed

Letters to the Editor: Recording shows need for special election to fill Mark Ridley-Thomas’ seat

By Stephen Stetson

Staff Writer

I’m disappointed in the decision to close the state’s public access show. I had planned to see the recording of Mark Ridley-Thomas’ June 15, 2016, interview with the St. Croix County Clerk. The recordings show Ridley-Thomas telling voters when he decided not to seek re-election to fill the state legislature seat he held for 18 months, which he officially lost in the November 2016 election. While he said he wanted to continue to serve the people of Minnesota, he made clear in his interview that he did not want to be in the state legislature. Instead, he plans to do “important work” back in Minnesota on behalf of his district.

I would like to hear from his supporters. Some have written letters to the editor of this newspaper expressing disappointment in his decision. Others have shown concern about this issue. I hope he will see their support by responding to them.

I have not been able to find a telephone number for Mark Ridley-Thomas, although he is listed as living in Pottawattamie County. He has not appeared as an interview subject on Minnesota Public Radio.

In the meantime, I encourage him to step forward and appear as a special interview subject on any public access show. By doing so, he will bring attention to this issue and put people in touch with his supporters.

If others feel free to contribute to the comments section, please let me know my contact information at the St. Croix County Clerk’s Office. Otherwise, I will post the letters to the editor on this blog and post the names of the individuals who wrote them.

— Stephen Stetson, St. Croix County Clerk

In the past two years, four candidates have run against Mark Ridley-Thomas in the state House of Representatives race, and all four made public statements condemning his refusal to run for re-election to fill his seat. There were allegations of financial impropriety, but none of those four defeated the incumbent in their bid for the House seat.

As a former St. Croix County commissioner, I am

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