Max Verstappen admits that the new team has been too much for him

F1 star Max Verstappen says he’s not the new Michael Schumacher — but the team is.

Verstappen, 28, is the world’s top-ranked F1 star and has set the benchmark for his team in his four years so far with them.

He has won the world championship, the world drivers’ championship and made a dramatic escape from retirement after four years in the sport that saw him drive from near-death to victory.

His arrival in Formula One in 2013 with the Mercedes team from his native Holland has been the highlight of the sport in years.

He’s made a sensational name for himself on the circuit with his F1 moves this season, as he’s been champion in Monaco, the most demanding of the events used in F1, and has become the most dominant of all the drivers in the title race.

But he is the first to say that his time with Mercedes has not been great.

Formula 1: Max Verstappen admits that the new team has been too much for him

In recent months he has been asked if F1 had to change now because he is now considered the most accomplished of all the drivers.

“I haven’t reached that level yet. No, I don’t think so,” he said when asked by as to if it was time for a change.

“I had a very good team with Mercedes. There was the team, for me, Mercedes.

“Then there was the engine (unit). With Red Bull and then Ferrari, I was driving with a strong team. And now we are with the whole Mercedes team.

“So I have a good team. They’re not great but they are very good. I feel very comfortable in the car.

“A year ago I was at the limit in terms of performance. Now I think I reach a point where it is a little bit more difficult. It is difficult to find the balance.

“I must say that it’s been a year of not being very happy with the car. Maybe in the past I

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