Nicki Minaj is defending herself after being forced to sing “Maniac” and “Niggas” at the Emmys

Nicki Minaj’s swipe at Grammys for changing song category pulls Latto into Twitter feud

By Brian Han

7 January 2019

A day after singing “Maniac” during the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, rapper Nicki Minaj was the last performer of the night on stage. As she prepared to leave, she took to her social media accounts to defend herself and her decision to sing the provocative song.

“I hope this makes a lot of people very uncomfortable,” she tweeted, referring to the backlash that was quickly unleashed when it became public last month that the category had been changed to music video, in an attempt to quell concerns that the category was too white.

“I think that when it’s music, it should be one of our more diverse categories,” Minaj said, according to CNN. “Because you have two different people that do a song [to go] with the song.”

As much as Minaj may have wanted to avoid the backlash she drew, she is now facing criticism from her own black fans. Minaj tweeted that she had been “forced” to sing “Maniac” and “Niggas” at the Emmys, but now wants to change the category and remove them from the awards show.

Last month, Minaj took to Twitter to defend her decision. “I have a great white family who love me for who i am & what i do,” she tweeted, adding that she was told the new category was “more inclusive.” She also shared a link to the Primetime Emmys’ Twitter account, where she said she was “forced” to sing “Maniac.”

This is a problem as Minaj faces the threat of a boycott of her concerts in the US. Many African-American and Hispanic fans say the decision to include “Maniac” on the list of categories, following the same route taken by “The Life of Pablo�

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