Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is booing her husband

Why are ‘Real Housewives” biggest fans booing one of its stars?

There have been several heated episodes of the Real Housewives franchise, but one thing has never changed: every season ends with one member of the cast being cast aside, while another is put centre stage. And that trend is coming to a close with the sixth series, which was previously on its fifth season in the US.

The sixth season of the reality TV series is set to premiere on Bravo at the end of April with 16 new cast members. The latest season of RHOBH has seen a total of seven stars get booted from the cast for various reasons.

Ahead of the new season, some of the most notable stars who have been axed have been making their case for a return to the franchise in a series of Instagram Live chats. However, some fans of the show’s stars are beginning to get very irate at these latest eliminations – and have been expressing their ire on social media.

One of the most vocal fans who has spoken out is one of the stars on Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). In her latest Instagram Live interview, Kim Zolciak was joined by her husband, Nick Cannon. During the chat, her husband claimed that a huge portion of the group’s fans were booing her on social media for being so outspoken against the cast.

But it seems that Kim Zolciak’s husband is being a little unfair to those who booed one of the show’s stars. In an interview with the press, Nick Cannon has admitted that he was unaware of this booing phenomenon, explaining that he had no say in the decision to remove cast members from the show.

“I have no control over that and it would certainly never ever be my intention to criticize anybody who is a part of the show,” he admitted to the press. “I mean the first time I heard that booing thing was when my wife was booed about a week and a half ago and I didn’t, I didn’t know what to say because we were like, ‘She’s doing what she’s doing, we love this house!’ I’m not the one who’s booed but I did not see that happening.”

It is not the first time that Kim Zolciak has been subject to a social media backlash in the Real Housewives franchise. In the first season of the show,

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