Ron Johnson’s Campaign Is Not Official

Ron Johnson Website and Video Urge Reporting of Suspected Election Problems

Ron Johnson (shown above in a picture with President Donald Trump) is the Republican candidate in Illinois’s 4th Congressional District. As explained in this post by the Washington Post, some see a lot of overlap between Ron Johnson’s social-media messaging and the president’s, including his frequent use of Twitter and his promotion of “alternative facts,” an attempt to delegitimize the mainstream media. These are serious problems, since we’ve seen how partisan media outlets can distort and fabricate events, and they represent a threat to democracy.

The Johnson website and the videos it links to warn that:

“All information from sources other than the official website and Twitter account is unofficial, with no legal obligation or guarantee to you or any other entity.”

I want to emphasize that “unofficial” is used in its traditional senses—it’s not a conspiracy theory or a falsehood, which is just another way of saying “not factual or trustworthy.” For the record, there is video (below) from the Ron Johnson campaign (via YouTube) that includes a warning not to accept any opinion of candidate Johnson from anyone other than the campaign itself. In addition, we know from multiple sources that Johnson is not personally responsible for any of the content on his website or the videos in question. I’ve tried to fact-check my own tweets about the 2016 election, and I can attest that I am more knowledgeable about the 2016 election than many professional journalists.

It’s clear that Ron Johnson’s campaign is concerned with ensuring that voters have complete information about the campaign, including information about how best to use Twitter. This is a good idea, for two reasons: one, to ensure accountability, and two, to make the most of the information age. And those are good reasons. But from my perspective, there’s no reason for concern when it comes to any voter who’s done their research and decided to vote for Ron Johnson. That’s what this is all about—ensuring that voters are able to make informed decisions.

I have not been critical of the Johnson campaign, and I hope and believe that Ron Johnson is the best choice for the people of the 4th Congressional District. To that end, I’ve reached out to him with the goal of discussing how

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