South Korea pledges $3 billion to support BTS’s “Gangnam Style” comeback

BTS presses pause to join military with plans to reunite in 2025 for ‘Gangnam Style’ comeback

A week after the world ended after the most epic day on South Korean history, K-pop superstars BTS are getting back to work in a military-backed effort that includes the nation’s first high-profile comeback in six years. The South Korean military’s plans, which include a massive “Gangnam Style” tour and a series of concerts, are the most ambitious thing to happen in the country in decades.

The South Korean government has pledged $3 billion in support of the planned concert and “Gangnam Style” remake. In a press conference, the official said:

The government has authorized a $3 billion fund [for the concert and Gangnam Style] through its national budget to support the BTS comeback.

On top of that, three days after BTS announced a huge reunion tour, the government will be paying an estimated $400,000 per show to the artists who play in the performances.

A press release went on to say that the show will be more than just the “Gangnam Style” remake with BTS members performing their original music. They’ll also perform their “K-Pop’s most popular songs,” including the songs BTS were most famous for as a group.

The announcement comes on the heels of a report from The Korea Herald that the government plan is the “most significant event in South Korea since the end of the Korean War.” They’re attempting to recreate the Korean War and bring a group of artists back together.

“To celebrate its long and rich history, we are making plans to once again commemorate Korea’s greatest military victory on the 100th anniversary of the liberation from the Japanese colonial empire,” the officials said. “Through the ‘Gangnam Style’ comeback, we are hoping to

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