The Black feminist poet Tawana Brawley

Wisconsin Senate candidate Mandela Barnes tweeted that pro-Trump Black singer had ‘shackles’ on feet because of ‘white supremacy’:

I just wanted the media to know, that I feel like there are a lot of Blacks who would like to see Trump be president or be a member of the Senate, but just would not do it because of being told to by ‘white supremacy.’ This is a real problem in the US. White supremacy

The Black feminist poet, Dr. Tawana Brawley, is a well known social and political activist. She has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. In an August 2016 article titled, “White woman power is white supremacy,” Brawley wrote, “I am proud to be a black woman and proud to have fought with a woman in the women’s liberation movement.

Brawley also mentioned in the article that she felt Black voters could make a difference if they were to vote for a Democratic candidate in the 2018 US presidential election, and she referenced a Black candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

I believe that Dr. Carson is a good person with a lot of good qualities. But I feel that he has been demonized by the media for speaking his mind and for not taking the liberal elite’s position of being politically correct.

In a March 2013 article called, “Hillary Clinton and Black women,” titled “Black women in the Clinton campaign,” Brawley wrote, “I remember thinking, if you are ever going to do something important, that if the opportunity presents itself – a woman who does it – it has to be by an African-American woman. And so, she is a great example of a Black woman doing something for African-American women. She is also a fine woman and someone with a lot to offer the world.

Brawley further said in the article that Hillary Clinton won the black vote by about 30,000 votes.

When you vote for a politician, particularly in a presidential election, you are voting for that person’s character. You would never vote for that person’s skin. When there is a black candidate that is being supported by the party, or

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