The FDA is failing to protect the public’s health by failing to take action against the short shortage of Adderall

F.D.A. Confirms Widespread Shortages of Adderall in U.S.

In this opinion piece, the American Medical Association asserts that the nation’s Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) has failed in its job to protect the public’s health by failing to take action against Widespread short shortages of Adderall in the United States. The shortage at issue involves what is called the Amphetamine Tablets Adderall and has been impacting those who have prescriptions for the medication. There are no substitutes for the drug; it is an addictive treatment for ADHD.

The problem is that, because of the shortage, the F.D.A. has not yet determined if any other medications in that category are similarly impacted. A new study shows that this is the case.

“We’ve asked the F.D.A. to do more, and they’ve failed,” said Dr. John Britton, M.D., president of the A.M.A.

In the past, the A.M.A. has been asking the F.D.A. over and over and over again to do a better job of ensuring that the public’s health is not harmed in areas where there’s a shortage. In the past, the FDA (FDA) has ignored our requests, with its inaction only compounded by the fact that this is an issue that affects many patients.

It is a matter of public health concern that those who want this type medication in order to cope effectively with ADHD’s issues are faced with a serious shortage now.

Those who take Adderall must have their prescriptions renewed each year. The FDA has recently allowed the manufacturers to extend the time allowed for approval of a new version of the drug. So in a few months, those whose prescriptions do not expire in April will be able to start taking the new version of the drug.

The medicine is used for treatment of ADHD, often with good results. It is also used to treat anxiety. Although it is an addictive drug, there are not alternative drugs on the market.

Dr. Britton said that the shortage is having an impact on patients who have been waiting for their first dose of the drug to be able to take it.

“This shortage is extremely disruptive,” he said.

Since the FDA has not yet approved any drug to serve as

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