The Jackal: The Terrorist Who Rised to Power in Egypt

Carlos the Jackal Fast Facts

Carlos the Jackal (aka Abu Nidal) was a terrorist who rose to power in Egypt during the 1970s. His name is also spelled as Abdul Nasser.

Carlos the Jackal was born August 23, 1950 in Cairo, Egypt.

Carlos was raised in an orphanage after his parents died of food poisoning when he was 10 years old.

Carlos the Jackal grew up in the same orphanage as his friend, Omar Abdel Rahman, later convicted of the bombing of the United States Embassy in 1980.

Carlos was introduced to his first target, when his friend Omar brought him to Cairo.

Carlos attended a boarding school for two years before moving to the city to attend a military academy.

He fought in the Battle of Algiers with his friend Abdullah el-Amine, who went on to become a famous terrorist and killed French President Jean-Baptiste Poisson

Carlos was working as a waiter in a restaurant in the town of Sidi Kacem in North-East Egypt when he was introduced to a friend named Ahmed Khaled Khayal, who was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and an Egyptian militant. Khayal introduced him to his friends, Abdullah el-Amine and Abdallah el-Beltagi. Carlos was also introduced to the Egyptian terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, during this time.

On July 7, 1979, Khayal was released from prison after being freed by Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat during an election boycott. Khayal was soon arrested by the Egyptian police after joining the Muslim Brotherhood. He was sentenced to death after being found to be a member of the terrorist group and received the death sentence, however the sentence was suspended and he was released from prison after President Sadat was assassinated on October 6, 1981.

On September 8, 1977, Khayal was sentenced to life in jail for belonging to an outlawed organization and received a life sentence

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