The Legend of Keklak

Comparisons to Monet Bothered This Artist. Now They’re Side by Side.

Cerith Wyn Evans

By Cerith Wyn Evans

Cerith Wyn Evans’s art is an incredible mix of science fiction, mythology, history, and surrealism. His work has appeared in magazines like Dark Horse, Fantasy Flight, Dark Chalk, and more. He was one of the six artists in the “Dark Chalk” series, which he wrote of. The other five are: Mike Mignola, Paul Tobin, John Picacio, Joe Schreiber, and Robert Schuster. In addition to his work in comics, Evans is also a poet and a professor of English and writing at the University of California, San Diego. Find him on his blog at Find him on Facebook at Cerith Wyn Evans Facebook or on Twitter at @CerithWynEvans.

The new Dark Horse series was out earlier this month but it took longer than I’d like to admit to get around to writing about it. Luckily because of it, I was able to get my hands on an advance copy of what the series is about, which is the first book: The Legend of Keklak.

Keklak was one of the most ancient of all the races in the galaxy, but over the several thousand years since then, many races have evolved to be what we consider “humans” today. The Keklaks are a “tribe” of a number of species who believe they are the descendants of their ancient ancestors. So they have a kind of racial purity and are dedicated to maintaining it using techniques like blood purity tests and breeding. They believe there are “truebloods” and “bloodsuckers,” and they are just as good as the “truebloods” and “bloodsuckers,” even if, technically, they don’t really exist. And they believe they can be redeemed for the sins that they’ve committed or are committed by beings like the Bloodsuckers.

This book is a great introduction to this unique universe and also a neat

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