The Midnight Club: The Complete Series

Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Club’ breaks the record for most jump scares in one episode — with more to come

The Midnight Club first became a Netflix sensation this past July, when it made history when it became the first film to be streamed on the platform as a complete piece, including commercials, for $4.99 a pop. The film’s popularity has been so overwhelmingly overwhelming that it now has its own Wikipedia page, and was given an even larger push by the release of an expansion pack called Midnight Club: The Complete Series, which was released last week. On top of that, the film became the number one documentary on all streaming platforms in the country, according to Nielsen data from the second quarter release.

It’s a movie about a group of high-school guys trying to build their own private club while hiding out from the law, but it’s also a film about a group of high-school boys having to hide out from the law.

“It’s the story of four boys who have to hide out from the law,” showrunner Adam F. Goldberg told The Hollywood Reporter about the challenges the movie set out to answer, which included “how do you stay out of trouble as you build a club out of guys you are not that fond of? How do you come up with an identity for your club and how do you make it really exist?”

“All of those things came together to make this particular story,” he added.


If it sounds like a daunting task to build a real high school club that’s going to be a real part of the teen experience, that’s a pretty fair assessment. The film has had its fair share of growing pains, from the cast of “just four guys” who end up being the majority of the film to the number of male and female characters in the entire film.

But despite all the difficulties, Goldberg and director Jeff Baena have accomplished what they set out to do when the film was first being filmed. And as soon as

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