The New Era of Political Violence in Kenya

See the chaotic scenes as Kenya elects new president by running away from history and out of touch

As Kenya elects its new president, a new era of political violence is set to engulf the country with little preparation for the consequences. The country is already facing an increasingly violent and unpredictable election, as a new trend of political violence in Kenya is set to run the country out of its political system. This article attempts to provide an examination of how the country is set to be run by political groups that use violence to subvert the electoral processes.

On a cold night in January 2012, the body of a young woman was found in an abandoned mine in Molo. It was just after the country held its national election, and electioneering was at its peak. The woman had been shot in the head and left to die. In less than a year, the woman’s face had become an emblem of the bloody chaos that would later engulf Kenya as the country was set for change. It seemed like the whole country was heading for a new election, one that had never been held before.

Just two weeks after the killing, the country held its first round of electoral free elections. The country was ready to bring change to this chaotic land, and in the end, a new era was launched in which the vote would be free and transparent. In fact, electioneering had been at its peak ever since the killing. In the first 10 days of the election, Kenya witnessed massive levels of violence that are often felt to be unrepeatable.

The election that took place between the incumbent President Mwai Kibaki (also known as Kenyatta) and the opposition leader Raila Odinga was not as free as the people would like. In the end, it is hard to believe that the two main election campaigns were completely free and calm. At the same time, when Kenya was holding free and transparent elections, the world was watching and hoping that change would happen to the country.

The election was also not supposed to be free yet. The president called for another election on Saturday, and this happened in the same venue where the first event was held. On the first day, an explosion and shooting took out a number of guards and supporters of Odinga. Later that same day, a military base with a large police

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