The Norwegian twins will make history when they run the London Marathon

Mistaken identity and making history: Life on Tour for the identical Højgaard twins

The Norwegian twins Håkon and Hilde Højgaard, who were born in 1962 and 1967, respectively, will make history when they take part in the 2013 London Marathon. They will be wearing identical outfits, running in a team and even completing the same race.

To commemorate the twins’ journey, we contacted both of them for an interview about their life on tour, and how it made them feel. The twins have always felt that they were very much a team, with Hilde saying they often went about things together, which sometimes led to misunderstandings. The first time Håkon saw himself on TV, he was in a documentary on a children’s show called “Natt og dag” where he had to play the violin in front of an audience. That was the moment he realized that he was the star of the show. The twins, who will run the London Marathon on Sunday 13 October, have always had a running buddy. The girls are running the Great North Run together, and Hilde is also taking part in the Great North Run, while Håkon is running the Great Grand Prix, both in aid of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Håkon got into running when he was seven, when he started on the track in primary school. He would run around the neighbourhood, and also on the beach during summer holidays, and he would often run home by himself. When he was 16 he saw his first marathon in New York in the movies, and he decided to become a runner. When the twins were 12, they had their own running team, and they ran the whole Oslo-area together. As part of the team, Håkon had his running diary printed out and he wrote each day for his best friend, and the twins each wrote a day of their own. Håkon is usually the slower one and says that “I often do things better than him and he will get all the glory.” The twins have always been very close. When they were growing up their parents would often joke that they’re twins, though they were

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