The Players Championship: Caroline Garcia, Karrie Webb, Borna ori

Borna Ćorić and Caroline Garcia both make history with title wins at the Cincinnati Masters

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing stories about The Players Championship, the PGA Tour’s flagship tournament.

This week we’re looking at the record in the U.S. of three women who have both won major titles in Cincinnati in the same year. They are Borna Ćorić, who won the 2015 title; Caroline Garcia, who won the 2011 title; and Karrie Webb, who finished in the top five in 2007.

Caroline Garcia also will be the guest at the $1 million-dollar event on Wednesday. We caught up with her to talk about how she went from being completely clueless about the game of golf to winning the U.S. Women’s Amateur on the PGA Tour.

Q: How did you first learn about the game of golf?

A: I used to go to the range at the club where we used to train with PGA Tour guys and I would go on the practice range and just watch them hitting shots. I didn’t know the names of the clubs I used for the shots. I watched them hit shots and kept trying to copy them, but it was almost impossible. I didn’t know much of anything when I was in high school except tennis because my dad played tennis and I also used to play tennis with my dad. I also didn’t play any golf until college when I was in high school.

We went to a clinic and I played a lot of tournaments with my brother. I saw a lot of players and I didn’t recognize any players. I was really surprised when I actually played some golf.

Q: You played high school golf in the Midwest. How did you learn about the game on the PGA Tour?

A: I played in a little league for probably three years, from high school to college and to my first PGA Tour event. I played in a lot of tournaments in that first year. My freshman year I didn’t get my chance to play the final rounds. The first week I played in a lot of events and then I had a layoff in the middle of December and missed my first two events. I was playing in my final tournament

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