The Police Killing of a Black Man

Brooklyn father stabbed to death on NYC subway, slashed after sticking up for cop

I didn’t know the young black man named Kenneth McLeod, but his father did: His father was a cop. I didn’t know he was involved in a “hit” on a police officer. But he was because the police officer was also a cop.

We’ve seen cops in the past getting into fights with black people because the cops are black. And even though we’ve had peaceful sit-ins and peaceful protests, we have had a disproportionate number of police killings of black men, women, and children.

A story out of North Carolina earlier this month, for example, involved a man whose father was a police officer.

The officers involved in a traffic stop had a heated discussion with another man, who had a gun and was threatening them. They then drove off, not quite sure what to do, and the man approached the officers and stabbed one of them to death. Police then charged him with murder.

Now we have the killing of a father. Kenneth McLeod, 31.

Here is a guy who loved his children, worked hard, was very well-liked and well-respected by friends, and was a cop’s son.

Here is a guy who may have deserved a second chance. Here is a man who may have deserved to be allowed to go home. Here is a man who may have deserved the chance to do the right thing. Here is a man who may have deserved to be taken from the streets and treated with respect. This is a man who deserves to be remembered for the way that he lived and for the way we should all live: Justly and peaceably.

Here is a man who deserves to be remembered as a hero.

* * *

I first learned of Kenneth McLeod on Sept. 18, when a friend posted a story on her Facebook page about how Kenneth McLeod was the guy who was stabbed to death in NYC while sitting in the back of a patrol car.

She and a co-worker were having coffee with him.

“He was kind of calm and didn’t say much,” she wrote.

They talked about the recent riots in Baltimore and other places, and she was kind of surprised that

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