The Shop: The Truth About Kanye West

‘The Shop’ decides not to air Kanye West episode: ‘Zero tolerance for hate speech’

‘The Shop’ decides not to air Kanye West episode: ‘Zero tolerance for hate speech’

Last week saw the finale of The Shop. And while the episode’s outcome remains a mystery, the final scene on The Shop’s website shows that Kanye West will no longer be the center of attention.

“For many viewers, the story ended with tears not because Kanye West’s fate was in doubt,” the post reads. “But because he, too, had made it clear to everyone that he did not agree with his mother’s decision.

“It was her decision alone, not his. This is the way the story ended. To end it the way we do, to spare viewers the pain and embarrassment that is sure to come with the revelation that Kanye West does not understand his mother at all, is what makes us all the more proud of the show.”

The Shop airs each Tuesday on VH1. It’s coming up later this month with its fifth season.

Check out The Shop’s final episode below.

The finale of The Shop was supposed to have been Kanye West’s last appearance on The Shop. According to a source, Kanye’s mom had decided to put her foot down on that. So that’s not the last we’ll hear from The Shop.

We also didn’t expect The Shop to take us more than three weeks to conclude, especially with the drama involving Chris Brown and Yandy Smith.

But “no such luck” — the new episode’s title, “The Shop: The Truth About Kanye West,” came from the drama surrounding Kanye and his mother. In this episode, we saw the final episode played out in real-time — with many of the characters facing the very real consequences of Kanye’s actions.

Kanye’s mom has decided to move forward with the divorce. And despite Chris Brown’s pleas for an open-ended extension of his tour, Yandy Smith is looking at a possible jail sentence for the alleged sexual assault of his daughter.

While The Shop was a show about love — even at the cost of its creator, Will Smith, whose own life wasn’t immune to the show’s emotional journey — this episode showed that it can also be about pain and shame.

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