The Sierra is a great place to get away from it all

Letters to the Editor: Returning to the Sierra Nevada — a reporter took these readers on a journey from the mountains to the sea — and back again.


To the Editor:

This past weekend, my wife, our two-year-old son and I rode our bikes up to the highest peak in the range. We left our car, pack animals, tents, bikes, food, water, and other valuables high on the snowy mountain ridge. We walked a few minutes to the base of the mountain and then hiked about 10 minutes to the top. We hiked up the mountain to the top and then hiked back down to the mountain base by riding bikes in our sleeping bags.

We traveled on dirt and rocky trails, through meadows and forests, on dirt roads and trails — just the same as anyone else in the region. We saw some deer, elk, and bear. We saw many elk and bear. We saw some wild horses and were even approached by a mountain lion.

We took pictures, we took long hikes, we ate food we brought back — we did everything we normally do in the region. Then we took long walks and hiked for the rest of the day.

I just want to say that this trip was not easy — our journey was filled with lots of excitement as well as some difficulties. But we did it, and my wife, our son and I will always remember it.

The Sierra is something for everyone, not just the outdoorsy folks. It’s for everyone — especially the folks who live and live by the mountains — as well as hikers — families looking to get away or anyone who enjoys a good mountain adventure.


David H. Schieffelin


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