The Woman Who Suffers Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Latino media grapples with how to cover the Nury Martinez scandal. (Eduardo Contreras/AP)

As the drama over the National Football League’s investigation into possible domestic abuse allegations against Patriots quarterback Tom Brady intensified over the past week, people on both sides of the issue have had to keep up the pressure, making sure that nobody forgot the story that unfolded between now and when the league settled with the victim in 2012.

A woman in Texas accused the quarterback of rape after he invited her to his apartment – and then allegedly grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to his bedroom. The woman, Kaya Neuroscience Dr. Deborah Lauter, is now suing Brady and the Patriots for more than $8 million.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the NFL’s announcement on Thursday that it was putting its season “on pause,” a former employee of the league’s vice president of communications who worked under Patriots owner Robert Kraft has come forward with allegations that Kraft knew about and possibly tried to cover up what Brady had been up to with the accuser, raising a number of questions about what the public should know about the ongoing scandal and what exactly happened between the time Brady was alleged to have assaulted the woman and when football returned to primetime.

But what of a woman who says she was subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace at one of the biggest organizations in America?

In an interview with The Washington Post over the weekend, Kaya Neuroscience Dr. Deborah Lauter laid out the details of what she said was a workplace environment in which she and her colleagues at Florida State University grew increasingly uncomfortable. She left the university in 2014 but told the Post that she felt the trauma of her alleged assault went on for years.

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Lauter described a number of instances of unwanted attention from co-workers,

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