Trump’s Mistakes About Mail-In Voting Are Not True

Trump’s trashing of mail-in voting threatens to undermine GOP turnout in key states

Donald Trump has already declared a “total and complete victory” over voter fraud at the ballot box, and this week announced that election administrators were closing the books on the voter fraud problem, all the while telling reporters that “millions” of Americans are illegally voting, and suggesting the only way to get to the bottom of the problem is for people to come across and give the administration a thorough once-over.

However, in addition to the fact that Trump is being entirely hypocritical with the notion that millions of illegal voters cast ballots, he’s also made many misleading statements about mail-in voting.

In a recent press statement, Trump made a rather disturbing statement about how the election system had become “rigged.” I won’t get into Trump’s “rigged” statements on this subject, because I’m not about to try to make sense of a president who never got his ass kicked in the election. However, as noted by the Washington Post, Trump’s comment that “[t]here are massive numbers of illegal votes being cast” was not accurate.

Trump was right in his belief that the election system was “rigged” because it wasn’t. There were no illegal votes cast in the 2012 election, and, in fact, Republicans won every state that had a mail-in ballot, with the exception of the one in which Trump did win, Montana. (The Post’s fact checkers, however, suggested that Trump wasn’t telling the truth about Montana because it has a GOP-controlled Senate and governor, and Republicans had no electoral college votes.)

Trump had been wrong in his earlier statement that there are “millions” of illegal votes cast in elections. His tweet was not an exaggeration. The Post’s fact checkers gave it four Pinocchios.

According to the Post’s Fact-Checker team, Trump’s claim that the president is

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