US-China Cooperation: A Positive Development

Republicans press Biden administration on use of Chinese comms equipment near US military installations

The US government has agreed to cooperate with the Chinese government on the “deployment of Chinese communications equipment near American military installations,” reports the Washington Post.

The US Department of Defense agreed to this so-called “partnership” because it thinks it’ll be valuable to the US-China relationship. For example, as we’ve seen, Chinese military comms, including both the aircraft and satellites, are so powerful they can do things in America that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago.

“But in the end, the US military would not stand to lose a single minute of time or money by complying. In fact, an arrangement that might even improve the overall relationship, China officials said, would be a positive development,” the Post reported.

“A Pentagon official told The Hill that such an arrangement, if it went forward, would not require that any US military component actually have to be within the Chinese military’s “communication zone,” an imaginary space a few feet away from the edge of Chinese territory,” The Hill reported.

The Department of Defense declined to comment to The Hill about the decision to cooperate.

Meanwhile, the Post reported that the US is now working for the Chinese military on the development of cyber weapons and cyber surveillance capabilities.

“A senior US official said the government was now working with the Chinese military on cyber and communications capabilities, using satellites, radars, and other technology, to further enhance its abilities to collect intelligence and gather information about US military operations and activities,” The Post reported.

“The defense official said the US is particularly interested in working on signals intelligence, or SIGINT, technology, a form of surveillance that involves intercepting and analyzing communications, such as what one is saying, through the analysis of signals,” according to the Post.

“Signals intelligence — or SIGINT — is often used to track enemy communications as they pass through various communication channels,” according to The Post.

“In addition to the satellites and radars, the

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