Venus Williams is the first woman to beat Serena Williams at the US Open since 1996

Venus Williams bows out in first round of women’s singles at US Open – but not before becoming the first player at Grand Slam to beat the No1 player.

Venus Williams of the US breaks down after winning the first set 2-3 on Tuesday.

Venus Williams is the first player to beat No. 1-ranked Serena Williams at the US Open since 1996 and the first to reach the fourth round since 1997. “We’re just ecstatic. We’re a big family, we’re just pumped up” on the women’s side, said Venus Williams of her US Open victory.

Venus Williams is the first player at the US Open to beat No 1-ranked Serena Williams since Venus’ sister Serena won the title in 1995.

Venus Williams, the first women’s player to beat the No 1-ranked female in a Grand Slam match, was not about to relax after defeating Serena Williams.

Venus Williams says she was the only one disappointed she didn’t win the 2014 US Open title.

Venus Williams said she wasn’t upset with her performance in the first round of the US Open just over a week ago, even when she lost to No. 1-ranked Serena Williams.

“I was always happy that the match wasn’t going to be about me and my game,” said Venus Williams on Tuesday night.

“It was about her, in that I had so thoroughly dissected all her games and she was so, so, so, so, so, so. I just enjoyed watching that.”

Venus Williams, the 2012 US Open champion, said that despite her loss, she would not get down on herself.

“No doubt that was still the best game I’ve ever played in my life,” she said.

“I was just so, so, so, so, so, so lucky. I didn’t take any pride in my game whatsoever. I just wanted to play tennis. I just wanted to go out and perform.”

Williams also said that if she had had a chance to return to Grand Slam singles, she would not have been upset by her opponent’s game.

“If I had been able to come back, I would have been very, very happy and very, very confident that I could make a run at these events,” she said.

Williams, who is also the first woman to win a Grand Slam title and the first to

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