Why Some Single Adults Don’t Want to Be Married

Young, Gay and Single Among the Nuns and Widows: What Being Single Means to LGBT People

A new study from the New York-based Population Council finds that, “Among the over 65-year-old white women surveyed, those without children were more likely than the married to be single (51% versus 36%).” The study also found that when they were married, 78% of women aged 45-64 were single, compared to 69% of same-sex women.

These findings support the premise that “For gay and lesbian people of all ages, being married is a crucial point of transition and is an important indicator of successful aging.”

And it’s not just about the age of 45 and 64.

While the vast majority of respondents (78%) reported never marrying or having never been married, a similar number (78%) also said they did not have children. Similarly, a third (33%) reported that either spouse had children.

There are three reasons for this.

First, that there is no longer a child’s need to be fed, clothed, and educated. The baby boomer population has grown older and needs to look after the parents if they are to look after themselves.

Those who are married, with or without children, are also likely to have partners who are younger than they are, due to the fact that their parents have out-of-wedlock children.

Second, that there is a fear that their partner’s children will take the place of children they have had. As the study notes, “A few respondents said they feared that their partners would be disappointed in them if they had children, fearing that their partner’s disappointment would affect how they would be regarded by society.”

The third reason why some gay and lesbian people settle for being single is that they don’t even want to be married to a man. The study shows that a larger proportion of single women (71%) than married women (61%) say that they would not want to marry a man.

There are other reasons why some single adults don’t want to be married.

The survey of over 1,000 adults over 65 indicated

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