Why We Shouldn’t Be Blaming Trump for the Greatest Country in the History of the World

Sadder but Wiser? Maybe Not.

In the midst of all of the social media ranting about how Trump is to blame for every negative thing that has ever happened, or will happen, or might happen, to the country, let’s not forget that the people of the United States were almost 100% responsible (via their actions and inactions) for bringing about the end of our own republic by electing the first president of what was (and, indeed, continues to be) the greatest country in the history of the world to go over to a foreign power for the express purpose of subjugating the United States against the will of its own people.

In doing so, they actually caused the birth of the most popular man in the history of the world to take office as the leader of their country, and it wouldn’t have been quite so bad if this president (Donald Trump) hadn’t been elected in the first place.

A point of reference here might be the United States Electoral College, where a vote for vice president was always supposed to determine who ended up being the president of the United States. If the ticket of a Democrat and a Republican fell short of that magic number, the candidate with the greatest popular vote, who actually could be elected president, would be declared president.

In the case of the ticket of the late, great, and wonderful Richard Nixon and California governor George Deukmejian, that’s exactly what happened. Deukmejian got two thirds of the vote, Nixon got one. Nixon didn’t qualify for the presidency. In fact, Deukmejian was the first non-Republican president from California.

So why don’t we take a moment to remember that all those people who voted for Donald Trump, from the great city of Chicago to the small town of Danville, Virginia, would be perfectly justified in their decision to elect this man to become the 45th president of the United States of America, if not for the election of Richard Nixon.

And that brings us full circle…

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