The Son of a Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist

The Son of a Former State Representative Turned Lobbyist

Letters to the Editor: Yes, young people care. Here’s how to make them vote too

Editor’s Note: This letter was written by a young man, the son of a former state representative turned lobbyist who did not vote in two of the most hotly contested races in Florida’s gubernatorial election:

“Being involved in politics is one of my passions. Being involved in politics is an expression of who I am. Whether it be the local level of politics, national level of politics, or international level of politics, my involvement is an expression of who I am.

“I am a registered Democrat, and I was extremely disappointed from the Democratic candidate’s lack of support for my family and me. The Republicans made it pretty clear what they felt about the way the Democratic party is supposed to represent their ideals.

“For the past two (2) years, not voting has been more of a commitment than I could ever make toward not being involved with politics. I hope that my actions have showed the value my voice deserves in my voice.

“With all of this happening, I felt like I was the only one taking a stance against the political climate. As my voice has been heard, it has only been strengthened, leaving me to continue to believe that there is definitely hope for the future.

“I believe that young people have more important things to do in their lives than get involved in government through either of our major parties. I firmly believe that the Democratic party should be more active regarding issues, such as legalizing marijuana, getting the voting age lowered to 16, and legalizing a wide-scale abortion. These are issues that young people should be discussing.

“As young people grow, I can say that we are all capable of making a difference through our own actions. As a young person myself, I can do my part in making the world a better place, and I am excited and ready to make my voice heard.

“It’s never been more important to do whatever you can to get involved in politics, whether you can be effective or not.

“I hope, through my vote, that I have shown that I can make a difference. I believe that everyone makes

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