The Biggest Problem Barack Obama Has

The Biggest Problem Barack Obama Has

Does America Vote Too Much?

When he is not being a real American, Barack Obama is being an American-hating elitist. He doesn’t believe in America. It has nothing to do with what you do or who you are. It has to do with the concept of America itself. America is the idea that the free and independent spirit of the American people is so deeply ingrained that no act of tyranny against them, no matter how great, can ever destroy it, whether at home or abroad.

Well, that’s fine for Obama, who has been able to preserve the dream of America, not just for himself, but also for his political allies. But it is a fantasy shared only by a minority of the population. That minority is mostly the young.

If you’ve ever been to a Democratic Party event, or watched a televised speech by a Democratic candidate, your mind goes racing and becomes numb. How is anything we believe possible? How are we ever going to accomplish anything? How can I ever be convinced by this argument? How can any of this even work? How is this even possible?

The first time President Obama gave his speech, I was watching the telecast of the speech and thinking, What a joke.

But then the following day I read an article in the Huffington Post written by a journalist who, like me, was an African-American woman who had gone to the Democratic National Convention and watched those speeches. I read in the Huffington Post the article, “The Biggest Problem Barack Obama Has,” in which she wrote about Obama and how he “spent most of his time talking about himself.”

For me, that article, and her comments in it, gave me an epiphany. I realized right then, with no little shock and awe, that Barack Obama was telling me and hundreds of millions of other blacks that we have been lied to by America. That if black men, women and children are

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