Airline Refuses to Allow Apple iAds to Be Used in Check-In Baggage

Airline Refuses to Allow Apple iAds to Be Used in Check-In Baggage

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

You’d think that the TSA’s security theater would have figured this one out: the airline itself. And yet, the German-based Lufthansa airline has once again insisted that Apple’s iAd system can be used in checked luggage. A Lufthansa spokesperson told The Washington Post on Tuesday that the company had “no legal basis” for the ban, but that it would continue enforcing the restriction, “with full force.”

We’re glad to report that the German airline has since reversed its position on this one.

The TSA has a policy called “No-Fly” that allows the use of airport screening checkpoints only after passenger checks have been completed and all bags inspected as required by the TSA.

Airlines can’t discriminate against passengers based on the Apple iAds they are displaying. Airlines can, however, stop passengers from bringing more than five iAd-laden bags into their checked-in baggage.

To do so you must have a valid TSA issued I-94 and I-797 and can provide a copy of the approved itinerary.

Apple has refused to remove the iAds from their iAds page, so that’s not going to work.

Apple has stated that they want to cooperate with the TSA on this matter as “long as the passengers remain compliant with the rules established by the airport.”

In Germany today, for the third time, Lufthansa Airlines has issued a “no-fly” to passengers who use Apple’s iAds to distribute iAd to their passengers who fly with them. The decision is based on the fact that the iAds are not the only way to provide content to users of the iAds.

Lufthansa is now in a position to explain their decision further. They said yesterday:

We consider the use of our own and third party iAds to be a breach of our security and we therefore cannot accept this traffic in our checked baggage.

We therefore ask Apple to disable the i

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