Joe Biden warns about the impact of the Trump administration’s energy policy

Joe Biden warns about the impact of the Trump administration’s energy policy

Biden’s energy policies hurting US, Europe: Here’s the fix

In a new op-ed at the Financial Times, former vice-president Joe Biden warns about the impact of the Trump administration’s energy policy, which he says is doing great harm to the US economy.

Biden warns that the Trump administration’s pro-fossil fuel, anti-renewable energy plan is not just doing great harm to the American economy. He says it is doing even more harm to the world’s climate, and to the people in Europe who are “being forced to pay the price” with higher energy bills.

The op-ed comes the day after US President Donald Trump announced his administration’s intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Biden’s new op-ed takes a direct swipe at Trump and points out that the policies of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the government of his own state of Delaware are harming the US and the countries that rely on it for energy.

Biden says the policies will “hurt the competitiveness of the US economy, even though this administration has failed to explain how.”

The former vice president warns that the United States desperately depends on high energy prices to support its massive economy, pointing to a drop in US exports that was attributed to the Trump administration’s policies.

Biden says the administration’s energy policies are also harming the world’s climate.

And he says the US, the world’s largest consumer of resources, is also being hurt by its dependence on fossil fuels, pointing out that the United States is the biggest importer of coal.

“And we are also becoming the world’s largest oil producer. The only thing that is certain is that it will cost the world dearly if we are not serious about combating climate change,” Biden writes.

The op-ed follows other recent criticism of the Trump administration’s policies.

Democratic US Senator Elizabeth Warren said the administration’s policies could kill “the American Dream” for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“For working people, low wages and rising prices from energy policies like the one Trump is reversing today will prevent them from realizing the American Dream of owning your own home, a job that

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