The Democratic Party Is Not Changing

The Democratic Party Is Not Changing

Column: ‘It’s getting worse.’ The sad part of the Pelosi attack is it doesn’t surprise us. We’ve been warning she was on her way out since she was elected in 2006. We predicted she would become a lame duck.

When that didn’t happen, we knew she was in trouble. When that didn’t happen, we knew we were finally watching the real thing that destroys the Democratic Party.

The sad part is we were right and we were going to be wrong.

If anything, the Dems are stronger than ever. No one can deny that. I’ve been a member of the party for over 20 years. But I’ve been a Democrat for much longer than that. And I’ve told anyone who would listen that there is no hope for the party unless it takes a radically different direction.

This is where I disagree with most of my party leadership. For the past 20 years, they have been saying, “we are here, we are changing, we are for the people; we are for the people.” The problem is that they are not. They are here for the people, but they are not changing. They are not changing because their agenda requires them to keep the status quo. And they are not changing because they are afraid of being labeled socialists.

I have not been afraid to speak about my real concerns. I have had an open mind and I’ve been able to speak candidly to my party leadership. These leaders have ignored my concerns…and their decisions have cost us national elections. We’ve lost races because the leadership wanted to preserve the status quo. It has cost us elections.

The problem is that our leadership has completely bought into the “one-party-two-parties” mantra. We know that the American people are a fractured country and the Democratic Party will never be able to win national elections if it doesn’t get behind, first and foremost, “the 99% that can’t get a fair shake.”

That’s the only way we can win back the majority we have lost over the past 20 years.

When the party no longer supports you, you have to make changes to keep

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