The Democrats Are in a Desperate Situation

The Democrats Are in a Desperate Situation

GREG GUTFELD: Democrats deserve to lose real bad

If they take back their House majority, the Democrats will have to do something to get rid of those “bad” incumbents, as they’re known. They have to replace them with good ones, or they’ll have to vote to keep some of them.

The first step would be to get rid of the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and her party will have to replace her.

She would have to go, for a couple of reasons. She’s in many ways too ideological, and her leadership of the party has been inept and uninspiring. The Democrats, though, are in an even more desperate situation than usual. The most significant reason is the economic calamity we’ve had. In a few years, the party’s reputation and position will have been destroyed.

The second reason is her leadership of the party. Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, she has been the leader of the party, and the main reason for its ideological drift. Her style has become too radical, her policies too radical, and her language too shrill. It has become apparent, to me, that she is more out of touch with what people are thinking than any person in American history.

The party, even worse, has done nothing but run away from her. From 2008 to this election, it nominated and elected more moderate candidates than it had in years. They got rid of the first black candidate for Senate, the first Asian candidate for U.S. Senate, and the first two women candidates for the House. They even got rid of the first Asian and black candidates for Congress.

They also nominated and elected more moderate candidates than they had in decades, including the first Hispanic candidate for president, the first openly gay candidate for president, and the first Hispanic woman candidate for Congress.

The idea was to get rid of the very extreme candidates, but they got rid of the candidates who were too extreme anyway. The Democrats, the party, the party of the most radical ideology in the history of civilization, got rid of the very candidates they should have had

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