Kari Lake’s Choice as Trump’s Vice-Presidential Nominee Was a Telling Choice

Kari Lake’s Choice as Trump’s Vice-Presidential Nominee Was a Telling Choice

Kari Lake fights like Trump against election loss in Arizona, emerges as possible Trump running mate

Kari Lake, an Arizona attorney who ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year, appeared to be the only potential Republican candidate for President who could have beaten Hillary Clinton in a two-way race, according to a person close to the campaign.

Lake has been considering a run for the White House as a Trump vice-presidential candidate. Asked about Lake’s campaign, the person said he would talk to her if she was going to run for President.

Lake’s decision may or may not be politically feasible, but there can be no doubt about how the campaign played out among Republicans during this past week’s nominating convention.

Donald Trump, his daughter, and daughter-in-law stood out as possible nominees, while Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ben Carson and John Kasich faded from the discussion.

The only possibility among Republicans with the potential to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who is expected to win the presidency, was the former secretary of state. Her choice of Sarah Palin, a former GOP vice-presidential candidate, as her vice presidential nominee was a telling choice by Trump.

Palin was a strong convention speaker and was one of the most exciting speeches of the night. But her presence may have helped Trump, since he needed every ounce of support among Republicans to get him and his campaign into the arena.

Trump seemed to have a much clearer picture than Cruz as to whom he should pick at the convention, and his choice of Palin was a clear signal that he would be choosing the outsider. But he still had to pick at least a few from the established Republican base.

Palin’s presence at Trump’s nomination speech was more symbolic than it was a real choice. She was supposed to be there to announce her endorsement of the businessman-turned-presidential hopeful, but instead she ended up being onstage with him. She even had campaign signs promoting her husband, whom she has described as her political hero.

Palin also had one of the strongest speeches of the night and was given a large standing ovation by the Trump supporters. She also had an endorsement in from John McCain, the late Republican Sen. McCain who was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee.

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