The Perjury Trap

The Perjury Trap

Letters to the Editor: Fine, subpoena Trump. Just don’t expect to learn anything.

Published September 8, 2016

It will be almost impossible to learn anything in the Trump investigation. When the Special Counsel’s Office asks a witness about something the witness said back in the 1990s, it’s an invitation to a perjury trap. When asked to recall a conversation 20 years ago, Trump will lie.

What exactly is the purpose of such questioning? It is to get a false impression of what someone could or could not have said 20 years ago. For someone like Donald Trump, who has lied about almost everything, the only real “evidence” of anything is lying. And if Trump says he can’t remember an event or statement, he never said it.

The questions have little to do with anything, but they are designed to create the appearance of a “smoking gun” that proves Trump is a liar. They are designed to trap him into saying something which he never said.

The most recent case in which Trump was asked questions about something he said, before the election, is his answer about Russia’s meddling in the election, and his explanation about it. He said that on election day, he asked aides for help in dealing with Russia’s hacking.

He said he did not remember having ever met Putin. He didn’t remember who it was, or what he said to him. And he didn’t remember any of the other meeting details.

But according to his own account, he did remember that he asked his aides to handle the situation. So he was lying.

The only other person who has publicly asked this question is his attorney, Rudy Giuliani. And Trump’s attorney said that there is no connection between the meeting Trump discussed with Putin and the Russian hacking.

It’s all very confusing. It’s all very obvious.

Donald Trump has a long history of lying about everything.

And while it’s possible that someone in the Special Counsel’s Office isn’t lying, it’s very

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