Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Investigates Falling Sheriff’s Recruit

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Investigates Falling Sheriff’s Recruit

Sheriff’s recruit in grave condition; one of 25 trainees hit by car in South Whittier

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is investigating after a deputy’s recruit fell to his death onto a sidewalk during the summer session.

Sheriff’s officials say it took a deputy five seconds to reach the 26-year-old student after he fell down the stairs of a home near South Whittier. He was taken to UCI Medical Center Medical Center and died from his injuries.

The sheriff’s department said Monday that the recruit fell while preparing for a training exercise at the gym.

The recruit’s identity was withheld until relatives were notified.

Sheriff’s spokesman Mike Vasquez said the recruit fell from the second floor landing of the gym to the sidewalk, where he hit two cars before landing.

Vasquez said the recruit had gone on a run in the park and walked to the gym to take part in the training.

Two people were in one of the cars struck by the recruit, he said.

“It appears the trainee had trouble running on a sidewalk to his exercise area, went to the stairs at the bottom, and fell to the concrete,” Vasquez said.

According to Vasquez, the recruit was the 25th sheriff’s recruit to die in the line of duty since June 2013. He said he could not know the exact number other than to know that they’re all under investigation.

The sheriff’s department said it would be interviewing the recruit’s supervisors during the investigation. Authorities have placed the recruit in a police motor pool or at the hospital pending notification of his family.

‘Like I am in a big family’

The recruit’s family is being notified and is expected to be reunited with the recruit at UCI Medical Center Medical Center, where his funeral is scheduled.

“It sucks knowing the guy is gone but the funny thing is like I am in a big family,” said his father, Scott Mazzilli. “It’s hard to see a loved one go because you don’

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